6 Independent & Flexible Jobs for Introverts

Sep 21st, 2015 Work

Are you a team player? If you work for many companies, you better say yes, with fervor and enthusiasm, embracing corporate espirit de corps. Office motivational posters remind you There is no I in TEAM. You may want to see what Winget has to say regarding this – he actually makes a powerful argument against being a team player, very much challenging the conventional wisdom….


3 Reasons Introverts Have the Need for Meaningful Work

Sep 17th, 2015 Work

It is not easy earning an honest living. During the spring and fall, I put in 80 or more hours a week. I do this every day, at least 12 hours, usually longer. Depending on the semester, I teach four to six college courses and independent studies, which run about three hours each. I have a private psychotherapy practice that I do at least one…


3 Reasons Why Introverts Make Excellent Employees

Aug 27th, 2015 Work

Extroverts may make the biggest splash in interview situations, but don’t discount introverts when it comes time to bring new people to your team. Although they’ve been cast in history as uncooperative, standoffish, or even rude, they can bring a great deal of good to a workplace and a team. What sort of good, you may ask? They’re comfortable ceding the spotlight. Working toward the…


7 Career Ideas for Introverts

Aug 20th, 2015 Work

When I was a teenager, I didn’t get a job until I was 17. My father didn’t understand me as an introvert- or in any other area for that matter, and simplified my complex personality by telling me I was lazy. No I wasn’t. I just couldn’t stand the thought of interacting with so many strangers- co-workers and customers- as the only jobs available for…


Introverts’ Top 3 Career Challenges

Jan 7th, 2015 Work

Thank goodness for Susan Cain. Ever since her love letter/treatise on introversion Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking hit bookshelves in 2012, a conversation on introverts in society has gained traction and volume. Her work, building on that of Marti Olson Laney, Laurie Helgoe, and Sophia Dembling, has opened the eyes of many who hadn’t realized that the “extrovert…


7 Career-Climbing Tips For Introverts

Dec 5th, 2014 Work

We are an extraverted nation, in which extraversion is the social norm. To be outgoing, charismatic, and sociable are the expectations. People who like to be alone, who are often seen alone in public, who are quiet and reserved, get labeled as secretive, weird, or creepy, People may pity them for being without the company of others. Introverts like to be alone. We enjoy solitude…


8 Tips For Working With Your Introverted Employees

Nov 9th, 2014 Must Know

This article is directed toward those who are leaders; those who have people under them, whether your title is manager, supervisor or director. Depending on the size of your organization, you probably have a blend of personality types, including introverts, extroverts, Type A’s, and Type B’s, and thrill seekers. All will bring different skills and perspectives to the table. Your introverts do not need special…