The stimulating nature of the world around us means that nights in are invaluable to introverts. We value these evenings highly, because they allow us to plug into a “life charger” that energizes us in a way that most scenarios simply can’t. Not sure what to do with all your free time? Read on for a few suggestions.

1. Cook for yourself.

Because introverts burn through energy at a faster rate than those for whom the world doesn’t require so much energy, introverts tend to do better when they’re well fed. While this means that the “hanger” you may feel more often than your friends is legitimate, it also means that refueling can be more important.

2. Lose yourself in a book.

Asynchronous communication is best for introverts, because they can control the speed and volume by which they receive their information. Books, especially physical books, are an easy way to learn someone else’s story while also providing the opportunity to power down when needed.

3. Watch a movie.

In the same way that a book can provide a window into someone else’s life, so too can a movie. Catch up on the newest release to DVD and react authentically without worrying what others might think, or watch an old standby to further your feelings of comfort. Both can be a good way to retreat inward, without withdrawing fully.

4. Write.

Has anything been nagging you during the week that you haven’t been able to fully work through? A night in can be a great opportunity to unpack those feelings and emotions, and writing will give you the chance to allow them to unfold. Whether it happens behind a laptop, at a typewriter, or between the pages of a trusty notebook, this could be a great way to clear your mind of the clutter that builds up each day.

5. Send mail to friends.

Needing to be alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want to be around people; it may just mean that you need some time away to restore your energy. Show those friends and family members that you aren’t isolated by reaching out to them via a good old-fashioned handwritten card. The ritual recalls fond memories of getting mail that isn’t bills or coupons, and offers a chance to express thoughts and feelings that don’t always come out neatly in spoken words.

6. Sleep.

We’d like to think this one explains itself. Introverts are powered largely by the parasympathetic part of the nervous system, and the acetylcholine that moves through their brains in higher quantities can have a calming effect. Follow those instincts, and give yourself the rest. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.


Written by Amma Marfo