10 Advantages Of Being Highly Sensitive

Nov 15th, 2015 Life

What does being highly sensitive mean? One definition is greater awareness of sensory perceptions and emotions. Highly sensitive people can make good coffee tasters, sommeliers, gourmet chefs, musicians, artists, or perfumers. To be highly sensitive is to be perceptive and passionate. It is not the same as being hypersensitive. It does not mean being uptight, joyless, defensive, or high maintenance, or a mewling, whining victim….


6 Reasons Introverts Should Always Travel Solo

Nov 1st, 2015 Life

I was spending a week in the town I went to college in, visiting a couple of people, but staying at a hotel. I spent most of the time driving around, visiting the places I knew well from when I was an undergrad, including my Alma Mater. I walked into a Friendly‚Äôs one morning, the same one I had spent many nights studying in and…