6 Ways For Introverts To Shine At Work

Oct 15th, 2015 Work

At one clinic I worked at, we had a horrid annual retreat, attendance at which was a requirement for continued employment. One featured a speaker who came out on the stage wearing a cow smock. I am serious. Or perhaps it was a robe, or a cloak. I am not sure. In any event, it was white covered with black spots, like a cow has….


Three Questions Introverts Loathe Hearing

Oct 1st, 2015 Must Know

I just went shopping. I am wiped out. Walking six blocks and buying three T-shirts and some power gels left me exhausted as a three hour running and body weight exercise routine. And I am irritated- wiped out, not refreshed-wiped out, like you get from hours of hard training. Why? Because shopping has become a real piece of work for an introvert. I go to…