7 Things All Introverts Are Guilty Of Doing

Nov 29th, 2014 Must Know

I spend a great deal of my time advocating on behalf of introverts, often saying we’re not all the terrible things that the media and ill-informed misconceptions would have many believe: they don’t hate people, they’re not stuck up, they’re not shy or weird or self-involved. With that said, I’m the first to admit that I have some bad habits that I allow to persist…


6 Tips For Dating An Introvert When You’re The Extrovert

Nov 9th, 2014 Must Know

Introversion and extroversion are personality types proposed by Psychologist Carl G. Jung (Myers Briggs Foundation, 2015). Introverts are people who derive energy from and are restored by solitude and quiet. They are happy in libraries reading, quiet café’s people watching, or mellow jazz clubs. They are comfortable with their own company, and appreciate solitude. They gravitate to low energy environments if you will. Introverts tend…


8 Tips For Working With Your Introverted Employees

Nov 9th, 2014 Must Know

This article is directed toward those who are leaders; those who have people under them, whether your title is manager, supervisor or director. Depending on the size of your organization, you probably have a blend of personality types, including introverts, extroverts, Type A’s, and Type B’s, and thrill seekers. All will bring different skills and perspectives to the table. Your introverts do not need special…