Zack Gerber “Us/Them” Section


Zack Gerber Us Them BMX video

If you needed a reminder that Zack Gerber is an absolute BEAST on a BMX bike, here it is. Check out his section from the “Us/Them” DVD that is packed with crazy grinds, huge drops, big wallrides and much, much more. As always, Zack delivers with the bangers, so get on that play button because this is too good to miss!

Jeeez. Zack Gerber’s Us&Them video part is seven minutes of pure mayhem. It’s also incredibly well rounded. We all know Zack sent it on numerous deadman spots for this video part but it’s stacked with tech combos on unique set ups too. You might need to watch this a few times to fully absorb the insanity…Check back tomorrow for a behind the scenes video with Zack.” – Our BMX

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