Wake Surfing 101


First there was surfing. Then there was wakeboarding. And now, the hottest new activity among watersports-lovers everywhere is a combination of the two — wakesurfing! If you’ve already mastered the crafts of surfing and wakeboarding, we challenge you to hit the water on a wakesurf board this summer!

What is WakeSurfing?

Wakesurfing is exactly what it sounds like. Just like wakeboarding, wakesurfing is done with the surfer riding the wake behind a boat using the rope to help them stand up. Unlike wakeboarding, once the surfer is standing up, they drop the tow rope and ride the wake similar to riding a wave in the ocean (which is where the “surfing” part comes into the mix.)

How do I get started?

Although wakesurfing is similar to wakeboarding and surfing, you need wakesurf-specific equipment in order to safely hone in on your skills. However, with over 15 companies making wakesurfing boards and ropes, it is easy to get started! Wakesurfing boards are up to 5-feet long and come in a variety of cool designs from companies such as Evo. We also recommend using a wakesurf-specific rope, which is usually thicker than a wakeboarding rope. Most importantly, you should only wakesurf behind an inboard motorboat where you cannot see the motor or propeller while behind the boat.

Once you have all of the necessary equipment, you are ready to hit the water! And, surprisingly, getting up on your wakesurf board is a lot easier than it looks. Begin in the water with your feet resting on the board and rope between your legs. As the boat driver accelerates, dig your heels into the board and pull yourself up. Once you can stand on the board and have slack in your rope line, let go of the rope and continue riding!

Wake Surfing

Why WakeSurfing?

Not only is wakesurfing the newest trend among watersport enthusiasts this summer, it is also a great form of exercise. Wakesurfing gets the heart pumping, legs burning and core working without putting too much stress on your body, joints, and muscles. Surfers will also love the fact that rather than only surfing for about 5 to 30 seconds on an ocean wave, wakesurfers are able to surf for as long as 5 minutes on the boat’s virtually perpetual wake. In addition, wakesurfing is a great excuse to spend some quality time out on the lake with friends and family!

Summer is all about exploration and trying new things, so hit the water wakesurf-style this summer and don’t forget your LifeProof case to capture those unforgettable moments!