Vans “Unfiltered” – Simone Barraco and Anthony Perrin In Paris

Vans Unfiltered Simone Barraco Anthony Perrin BMX

It has been a while since Vans have released one of their Unfiltered videos (about 4 years if we remember right), but they’re back with a fresh one from the lens of Rich Forne for your viewing pleasure! This time around Simone Barraco and Anthony Perrin explore the massive city of Paris, France to find spots to go to work on. You already know when you put these two riders together in a city like Paris with a filmer like Rich, you’re going to have a MUST SEE. Get on that play button and take it all in!

The Vans Unfiltered series continues! This time around Simone Barraco and Anthony Perrin visited the city of love – Paris. Unfiltered dives deep into the heart of the city via the lens of Rich Forne. So deep you can almost smell the fresh croissants and feel the vibrations of the subway system below. It’s a feast for the senses.Combining Simone and Anthony is a match made in heaven and the clips they managed to film are of the grade-A street riding masterclass variety.” – DIG

An ecologically minded experiment to make Paris a cycling capital of Europe has led to 1.5 million cyclists chaotically speeding through the streets with no regard for human life. Blowing through red lights in both directions, deliveroo riders fixating to their cell phone navigation and tinder breaks, Electric scooters careening across lanes and countless pedestrians and dogs jumping the streets in suicidal protest against the cycle mania. We escaped the gold plated boulevards for the moodier less predictable Parisian suburbs.

Our ghetto version of the tour de France. The miles were necessary to find the hidden gems.” – Rich Forne

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