Vans – The Palmistry Guide PT 2: Iceland

Vans – The Palmistry Guide PT 2: Iceland

Vans have released their second part of The Palmistry Guide series featuring the Vans France team. This time around the crew made their way to Iceland to explore spots with their tour guide Anton Arnarson, who we haven’t heard from in quite some time! This is packed full of amazing riding, excellent spots and super good film work. Depite the weather not always being the best, Iceland is definitely an under rated travel destination for BMX. Check it!

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The Palmistry Guide is already written on your hands; you just have
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Matthias Dandois, Justin Fouque, Theo Zannettacci & Alexandre Valentino

Filmed by Arnaud Wolff & Alexandre Valentino

Edited by Alexandre Valentino

Soundtrack by Anthony Clain

Photography by Vince Perraud