Vans Park Series Women’s Global Qualifier Results


VPS Hanna ZanziAfter a seven year hiatus from skateboarding, Hanna Zanzi emerged as a powerhouse of surprise at the Vans Park Series Womens Global Qualifier in Huntington Beach yesterday. Nose boned frontside airs, blunts to nose bash fakies, high speed tail slides finger flip disasters over the spine and more were nailed through here four 45-second runs in the finals. It was indeed her day in the sun.

“This means the world to me. I skate every day and I skate my heart out. I skate so I can compete and so I can motivate all the other people out there. I’m back, and I’m so stoked.” –Hanna Zanzi, First Place Winner Vans Park Series Women’s Global Qualifier

The top 10 Women Challengers (below) from yesterday’s HB Global Qualifier will travel to Malmö, Sweden for the International Skateboard Federation-sanctioned inaugural Womens “park terrain” World Championships on August 20th.

Final Results
1st Hanna Zanzi
2nd Lizzie Armanto
3rd Jordyn Barratt
4th Brighton Zeuner
5th Nora Vasconcellos
6th Allysha Le
7th Julz Lynn
8th Bryce Zettstein
9th Yndiara Asp
10th Nicole Hause

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