Throwback: Odyssey – Tom Dugan & Mike Aitken In Montana / Idaho


Odyssey BMX Tom Dugan Mike AItken Montana Idaho BMX video

Here’s a Throwback Thursday for you to enjoy! Thanks to Youtube’s algorithm, we were suggested this gem from 2013 that we almost forgot about. Check out this old Travel Log video from Odyssey featuring Tom Dugan and Mike Aitken cruising cement parks in Montana and Idaho while rolling place to place in Mike’s Trans AM! This is primarily footage of Tom absolutely ROASTING, but Mike does have a few clips in here. This was a few years after Mike’s accident, so he was still recovering from that. Either way, this kicks a lot of ass and it’s well worth another look, or a first look if you’re just getting into BMX! Joe Rich also did an awesome job with the film work!

We have an extra special ODSY Vision for you guys this month. Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan hop into the Trans AM and travel through Idaho and Montana to hit up some concrete treasures.

Filmed and Edited by Joe Rich.” – Odyssey

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