Surviving the Summertime Flat Spells


For myself and many others, Tim Deegan becomes a man to worship during hurricane season. He is a man to follow with blind hope and conviction that, yes, another storm is on its way and that the flat spells of summer will end soon. We await in wide-eyed anticipation in the hopes of an active, yet safe hurricane season, full of strong swells and newfound memories.

It may seem impossible now, but we will get through this summer … after all, in Deegan we trust.

Mikey Sasser 2

Get some style.

It may be hard for most shortboarders to embrace this option, but the summer months are simply made for longboarders. Even on ankle-biters, it’s possible to get out on a longboard. Need some inspiration? Do yourself a favor and watch some of Alex Knost or Dane Peterson’s surfing. You’ll learn that loggers are some of the most stylish surfers in the water, and everyone could use some more finesse.

Rent a kayak.

If you are a surfer, it can be assumed that you have some affinity for the water. Even during the flat spells of summer, it is important to not lose that love for the ocean and the water. Kayak rentals come cheaper than our average 12-pack, and I guarantee that the results will be just as entertaining.

Plan your next trip.

Okay, this one may be tough. We can’t all hop on planes at our smallest whim, but it’s amazing what a little bit of planning and saving can do. Get online, or better yet, go to an actual bookstore, and start researching a country you’ve always wanted to visit and just how to get there. Even if these trips don’t become a reality for years, a little cultural awareness never hurt.

Make yourself sweat.

It’s not uncommon for surfers to do just that: surf. Many refuse to wear Nikes. Many refuse to step foot into *shutter* World Gym or Planet Fitness. But seriously, ride a bike, do some yoga, go for a run on the beach. There is nothing worse than paddling out when waves do decide to grace our shores and being too out of shape to surf how you’d like.

Don’t forget that you’re lucky enough to live in Florida.

Seriously, it may sound silly, but all you need to do is flip on the news to see what those living in the Midwest and up North are putting up with to become thankful for your small, Floridian waves once again. Remember that waves are on their way and that it will get better. It always gets better.

We decided to ask a few locals what they do when there’s no waves. Here’s how they responded:

  • Krymsen Gaynor, 22 — “Basically, I have a longboard, so I can surf almost every day in the morning before the wind switches or it gets too heavy. We live in Florida, so you can always learn how to fish. It’s a beautiful place and you can go through the intracoastal and find all kinds of stuff like islands, trails and hideaways that no one has ever seen before.
  • Amanda Giberson, 23 — “When it’s flat, I seem to spend most of my time daydreaming about amazing waves found all over the world. I think about the places I’d love to see some day, and start researching those places and planning those trips until my dreams become a reality.”
  • Alex Barnes, 23 — “Probably watching a lot of cartoons. Reading. Drawing. Oh, and treasure hunting.”
  • Lawrence Motzel, 19 — “Explore. Camp. Make music. Build things.”