Surf Art Exhibition in #Kilkhampton



An exciting art exhibition in Kilktampton coming up soon at the shop of keen surfer, Jon Price, for an exhibition of artwork by surf artist Tim Stafford is to be held at Handmade Framing and Gallery in Kilkhampton, near Bude.

Tim Stafford is highly regarded for his surf-inspired paintings which have been exhibited all over the UK.  He is also a renowned surfboard designer, graphic designer, poet and surfer.  His work is very much a personal reflection of his love of the sea, its movement and shapes and of course, the waves Tim rides.  As well as the blues and greens you would expect from seascapes, Tim uses brighter and bolder colours including hues of red, orange, yellow and purple which are inspired by his time living on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, as well as many dawn and sunset surf experiences.

In addition to Tim’s paintings, Handmade’s exhibition will display pieces of Tim’s poetry and some of his beautifully manufactured surf boards, many of which are decorated with stunning artwork and intricate designs.  The exhibition aims not only to display Tim’s artwork but to be a reflection of his surf – orientated lifestyle and strong connection with the sea.

“I’ve known Tim for many years,” said Jon, owner of Handmade Framing & Gallery.  “I’ve framed his paintings, read his poetry and ridden his surf boards. I imagine that Tim wakes up having spent the night dreaming about the sea, has his breakfast thinking about where he’s going to surf, drives to the beach, gazes in wonder and awe at the sea’s beauty, goes surfing and then pours all that love and inspiration into his art.  There’s an energy in Tim’s work that has to be experienced.  Our aim is to capture that energy and passion in our exhibition”.

When asked about the inspiration behind his work, Tim Stafford said: “I’m inspired by waves, their shape, form, luminescence, impermanence and power. My paintings are an expression of this, the beauty and the danger of what I love to do, which is to surf.  I paint mainly with acrylics, using palette knives, squeegees, brushes and anything else which comes to hand, to help me create the shapes and form I feel in that moment. I don’t work to any real formula, nor am I trained in technique; I just paint and let my expressions take form without constraint or even a clear objective.  As a surfer, I don’t just see the ocean but am immersed in it; my paintings are my interpretation, a communication of my experience in all its beauty and fury.”

Handmade Framing and Gallery’s three week long exhibition of Tim Stafford’s work starts with a private view on the evening of Friday 6th of November, opens on Saturday 7th and continues until Friday 27th November.  For more information visit the Facebook page or telephone Handmade Framing and Gallery on 01288 321221.


This article, Surf Art Exhibition in #Kilkhampton, first appeared on Bude & Beyond Community website.