#StandWithScotty T-Shirts and Stickers + Recovery Update

#StandWithScotty T-Shirts and Stickers + Recovery Update


If you were looking for the #StandWithScotty Stickers and T-Shirts, they’re available now on the Road2Recovery website! Full proceeds from the sticker and t-shirt sales will go toward Scotty’s recovery fund to pay for medical bills, rehabilitation and more. Above is a look at the stickers and below you can find the t-shirt plus the latest update on his current status!



UPDATE 10/20/16
The last few days have been deep recovery for Scotty after going through the successful back surgery. As excited as we are to get him to the recovery stage it’s going to take a little time for sure. Thankfully we have three great rehab facilities competing to earn his care and they are all great options for many reasons. We have been waiting on Neuro and Plastic surgeons to determine a date for Scotty’s next surgery and it appears that all will be ready by this Monday. Scotty is excited for this to be completed as the skull fracture is actually hindering his ability to breath through his nose. Scotty won’t be cruising through any metal detectors soon as the surgery will include some hardware.

All in all things are moving exceptionally quick and we have been several steps ahead, every step of the way. Because of the knowledge that we bring to the table at R2R we see Scotty getting a lot of great attention when it comes to everyone involved, doctors in multiple departments, nurses, social workers, case workers, insurance, multiple rehab facilities and all their departments, air transport companies, you name it! They all know the name Scotty Cranmer and we have their support!

#standwithscotty shirts are coming from VANS shoes and should be available first thing next week! We might even have a sneak peak at them tomorrow! It will be a great way to show your support and donate to Scotty’s recovery. We are also making some awesome helmet stickers to be available soon. Thank you for your support, thank you for your positive thoughts. This is a long road and your support makes the journey that much better! Stay glued to this page for all the Scotty news and updates.” – Road 2 Recovery