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If you go to a public skatepark, chances are it will be well designed and the transitions will be poured near perfect. But there is something missing at a public park- the vibe. Growing up in Maryland in the 80’s, there were no skateparks as you see today. Backyards is where it all started, it’s where you and your friends built a shitty miniramp and learned  50-50’s & rock n rolls. Last Saturday there was a backyard Session in Hay Market, VA at Jeff Swaynes house. Old heads, young bucks and skaters as far as Virginia Beach came out to Swaynesworld. I sat down with Jeff and asked him a few questions about his scene.

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Jeff how did you come up with the design and how long did the construction take? 

Dave Muterelli & I came up with the design. It took about a month to build the majority of it.  The main build crew was Dave, Devin McGuire, Ben Ashworth & Brian Grover. The surface is skatelite with pipe and Federal Stone coping. We have to finish the decks and lighting are the next step.

The bowl was originally a 6’/8′ x 24′ mini ramp. Why did you decide to bowl the ramp in? 

I wanted to bowl it in because I love skating round wall!!

swayne portrait

Jeff Swayne “Big Daddy”

I seems  like the majority of private bowl/ramp owners are discrete about sessions but you have been receptive to people coming out. What is your take on strangers coming to the sessions?

As long as your cool you can skate my place but I’m not gonna just let any schmuck ride and I don’t want randoms rolling up whenever.

 Jeff you just turned 50 and Bob Pribble celebrated his 50th last week. Today there are a lot of dudes out there pushing well beyond 50. How do feel about age and skateboarding? 

Skateboarding means freedom. As far as age goes, it’s just a state of mind for me.  I refuse grow up.

greene BC (12 of 13)

The original ramp was 6/8’H X 24’W. Kyle Tabor smith 2014


kyle bob

Kyle Sanford & Bob Pribble. Photo Jon Burgess


Kerri Caldwell

Kerri Caldwell

Juan & Ana
Swayne & Sam
Roper & Jon
Kyle nose manual
Bob Pribble
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Dan & Brian
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Words by Rex Singleton

pics by  Jon Burgess & Rex Singleton