Scotty Cranmer Road 2 Recovery Fan Compilation

Scotty Cranmer Road 2 Recovery Fan Compilation

Here’s a video we spotted on Youtube that Mikey Manfs put together as a video to show some support for Scotty Cranmer who had a serious crash in Las Vegas a few days back and has been in the hospital. This video has highlights from Scotty’s Youtube channel, along with a few older clips from contests where he won or took some heavy slams, but got back up to get it done. There’s no denying that Scotty is super tough and will get back up and on his bike like he always has. If you’re looking for an update on Scotty’ current status, check out this video — Scotty Cranmer Injury Update. Also, please check out the Road 2 Recovery website and, if you can, make a donation to help with the medical expenses and everything.

Made this little video for my Home Skatepark Hero. Scotty recently took a bad fall and Road 2 Recovery kicked in only an hour after his fall, meaning his recovery might be a bit of a road trip, but like he said in his own words, the hero always gets back up. I believe in you Scotty and I will definitely have you and your family in my prayers. I hope you see this video and it puts a smile on your face! Share this video with him and your friends to raise awareness and help raise money for his surgeries. This video is only monetized (with advertisements) to raise additional money for Scotty and his family! I will not profit from this video whatsoever and I will make sure to prove that when the check comes in that I am not profiting from this video! Scotty is my idol and one of my biggest YouTube and riding inspirations. This is evident in some of the content I post.”

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