Scotty Cranmer – Building Up My New Hyper Wizard Frame

Scotty Cranmer – Building Up My New Hyper Wizard Frame

It’s time for Scotty Cranmer to build up a new bike again! Check out this video where Scotty takes you through the process of building up his new Hyper Bicycles Wizard setup with plenty of entertainment from the rest of the guys throughout. Looks like a dialed BMX bike to us!

Being sponsored is awesome! Every kid out there has a dream of someday becoming sponsored rider and let me tell you how amazing it really is to have 2 of the best brands in BMX behind me like Hyper Bicycles and SNAFU BMX! In this video I take a trip in my STI to pick up some new parts to build up a spare bike for XGames! I then take my parts to my Bike shop in Howell, NJ SC Bicycles to build up the new bike! Cory Berglar, Matty Cranmer, and The Big Boy meet me there to offer some help and some laughs! Hyper Bicycles was nice enough to give me a 20.4 Wizard frame to giveaway! So I have 4 questions about the channel for you guys to answer and then I will be picking a random winner from the people that answer correctly and I will reveal the winner on next monday’s Breakdown video.

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