Scotty Cranmer – Backflip Over Insane Wayne

Scotty Cranmer – Backflip Over Insane Wayne

Scotty Cranmer dropped this new video from a full day of good times riding Insane Wayne’s backyard ramp setup. Check out what Scotty, Trey Jones, Cory Berglar, Big Boy and Matty Cranmer all got into throughout the day. This guy has such a rad backyard.

In the last Project STI video we saw one of my childhood heros “Insane Wayne” at Jackson skatepark and he invited us over to ride his Box Jump in his backyard! We took him up on that offer and took the trip over to his house with a full crew for an epic day of riding! We started off the session as he was finishing the new ramps that he built in honor of the day and his youngest son called Big Boy out on a flair challenge! then we session the ramp where everyone threw some crazy tricks! I jumped off his roof into the roll in! Then Big Boy did a truck driver over the whole box and he got so excited that he ran and jumped into the pool fully clothed with his helmet on! At the end of the session Cory went out for a ride on his dirt bike in the pits behind Wayne’s house with Waynes crew! Such an awesome day and I can’t wait to head back there!

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