Ryan Guettler – Vans Opens the Bowls to BMX

Ryan Guettler – Vans Opens the Bowls to BMX

It looks like Ryan Guettler is getting into the webisode game! For his first video, he heads to the Vans Huntington Beach park to catch the first back bowls session with Kris Fox, Ricky Moseley, Matt Cordova and a bunch of others! It sounds like the bowls will be open to BMX riders every Wednesday, so if you’re in the area, take advantage of that! Otherwise, just enjoy this video!

I never believed it when people were talking about it but the rumors are true. Vans shoes has opened up the back bowl section the BMX Family.

I knew the grand opening would be off the wall but when it took me few to find a open spot in the car park. I knew it was popping off and bmx riders from all over were sending it.
Unlocking all the new lines is what the day was about. Vans riders like Kris Fox and Larry Edger made it a mission to go the highest and do lines before any one else could see them.

I over heard one skater say “Took Tony Hawk 2 hours to do that line” to Kris Fox after watching him do his 2nd run of the day.

Its nothing but amazing times so don’t skip the next chance to come ride and flow around the incredible bowls.

This is a thank you edit to vans shoes.
Thanks Vans Since 1966”

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