Red Bull – Raditudes: All Down Hill From Here

Red Bull – Raditudes: All Down Hill From Here

Red Bull have made episode one of season 3 of “Raditudes” embedable. We got a look at this one last week, but figured it could use a repost since it’s pretty damn gnarly. Hit play to watch Mike “Hucker” Clark take his hang five skills to a few super steep hills around San Francisco. Talk about crazy.

Mike “Hucker” Clark “hangs five” — a front wheelie with just one foot standing on the front wheel’s pegs — down San Francisco’s steepest hills. His bike is nearly vertical as he hits speeds of up to 55kph.

Raditudes takes a behind the scenes look into some of BMX riding’s biggest moments and the lives of the pro riders that are pushing the sport forward. Featuring Tyler Fernengel, Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Corey Bohan, Sergio Layos, and Anthony Napolitan.

0:00 “Trailblazer” by Vision (Sounds of Red Bull):
0:15 “Scare Me” by New Beat Fund (Red Bull Records):
1:12 “Precision” by Wide Sky (Sounds of Red Bull):
2:26 “Crossing The Water” by Breathless (Sounds of Red Bull):
4:47 “Acceptance” by Ripped Up (Sounds of Red Bull):
5:38 “Fly High” by Here And Now (Sounds of Red Bull):”