“Nearly 4K” – Friends Section: Part 1

“Nearly 4K” – Friends Section: Part 1

Keeping the party going, the next section from “NEARLY 4K” is now online. This section is the first friends mix section from the video which has a mix of street and skatepark action, a lot of different styles, big grinds and wall rides, really good spots and more. Check it out!

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​When you do as much travelling as Alex Donnachie you meet a lot of people along the way, so no wonder the friends section in Nearly 4K had to be split into two parts. And these ain’t just bruh clips bruh, there’s some gold in here from the likes of Chaz Mailey, Isaac Lesser, Scott Marceau and more, but especially towards the end with the savage that goes by the name Nick Castillo. What an animal.” – DIG BMX

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