Mikey Almodovar – NYC Night Lights


Mikey Almodovar NYC Night Lights BMX video

The Dead Bread crew coming through with a fresh batch of clips featuring Mikey Almodovar getting some late night clips while cruising the endless spots around New York City! As always, Mikey comes through with plenty of gems from grinds to wallrides and more. Get on that play button and take it all in!

The city that never sleeps. NYC is known for being the busiest city in the world, making anyone who enters its limits to follow suit. Mike Almodovar is no exception. Starting with his short commute from New Jersey to Manhattan for the 9 to 5 grind straight to the streets for a late night session, Mike manages to fit it all in like a true New Yorker. Click play to see how Mike spends his nights on those infamous NYC cutty spots after putting in a hard days work at the office.

Film: Nick Jones

Song: The UN – Mind Blowin’” – Dead Bread

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