Mikeapalooza 5


Mikeapalooza is annual backyard vert gathering that occurs on June 20th in Dunkirk, Maryland.  Vert skaters from all over the country make the pilgrimage every year for this special weekend. There are no judges, Athlete lounge’s, or sponsors outside the skateboard industry at Palooza. Pure backyard skating is what you will find. This year was the largest by far and had the most talent assembled ever. The ramp is called Phishlips and was almost completely rebuilt this year. I asked builder Mike Mapp of Ramptech a couple questions.


Jimmy Wilkins head high FS Ollie.

Mike tell me about about the rebuild process of Phishlips ramp.

Bring heat- It was a long road,  about 5 months to complete the project. Mike Thompson (owner), Chad Troutman and myself began in Oct 2014, with the original plan to only resurface the existing ramp. As we peeled the layers off, I noticed that the flat bottom and many other areas were basically mud (decayed wood) and you could stick your foot right through these areas. We decided that we were gonna build an entirely new ramp and make it 8’ wider. The only thing that would remain was the larger deck and we would retrofit a new ramp to the older deck.


original ramp Demo & New ramp is framed

I estimate that there were around 100 days of labor in the project, with most of the core construction done before winter 2014 came.. All in all, this was a “super team effort”, as all great creations are.  i just wanted to thank to all who helped out! But especially Mike Thompson, he generously paid for all of the raw materials and worked his ass off with me for most of the days. We also had great financial contributions for the Ramp Armor surface, so Thanks to Sam Boo, Dave Byrd and everyone else for getting this done. Also thanks to Bones Wheels and Creature skateboards for the goods they sent!

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Frank Schaffroth flying Andrecht.

What are the specs of the ramp?

10-6” Tranny size – 20” of Vert 36′ wide.  Ramp Armor surface.  There were  66 – 30” deep concrete footers – Elevated ramp frame (off the ground everywhere) – Steps, both sides – Breathable framing with ½” Drainage holes threw out the entire flat and decks (works great in rainy conditions) A promise had been made to “bring the heat” to this project. And it had all culminated in the final 2 hour session of this years’ Mikeapollooza5, If you were there you know what I mean – Mike Mapp   (We have the final 2 hours recorded)

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Rodney Mead blew everyone away with his inverts. Every variation possible. Sad Plant

I asked the owner, Micheal Thompson  about  MAP and the build.

I like big ramps is why I built it.  As far as advice for a ramp builder, if you build it they will come! Be ready for that.  Every ramp project will go over budget. It’s worth the investment, design the ramp on what you love and you can’t go wrong.
Palooza was started to cater to the common backyard/park skater.
Ben Hatchell front blunt slide over the channel. photo Rowe

Ben Hatchell front blunt slide over the channel. photo Rowe

Al Partenan Photo Rowe

Al Partenan
Photo Rowe



Bare Back Team. 1.Chris Russell 2. Navs 3. Ray Fennessey

portraits Announcer Jeremiah Edwards . MAP coordinator Kyle Tabor, Sean Eckenfels, Jeff Swayne (Swaynesworld) 3. Pedro Delfino & Booger Brown.

Jono Schwann

Jono Schwann

Mikeapalooza is what skateboarding is all about: pure fun and progression! It has such a cool down to earth vibe, and a rad ramp. Some of the gnarliest skating you’ll see goes down, MAP RULES! – Jono Schwan skeleton key rain Skeleton Key Team provided the rain clean up. They work for beer, highly recommended.

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Chad Troutman was on the construction team and had no problem sweeping up during MAP.

Chad Troutman was on the construction team and had no problem sweeping up during MAP.

PLG  Photo Rowe

PLG Photo Rowe

Backyard vert skating is what i came from and it’s awsome to spend a weekend,with great people, doing the same thing I used to do when I first started. That’s what skateboarding is all about. – PLG

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Matt Dove. Smith Vert

“Derek Krasauskas built phishlips all by himself and organized the entire event..including the rain..because he was done skating and no one else can skate if he isn’t.” Matt Dove

MVI 0443 (1) from Eric Attleson on Vimeo.

pedro (1 of 1)

Pedro Delfino Boneless over the channel.

neal (1 of 1)

“For me, MAP was almost a homecoming or sorts. I grew up going to events like that across the mid-Atlantic. I grew up in North Carolina and when I started traveling for skateboarding it was to the Farm Ramp jams, or Cedar Crest jams and stuff like that. It was so fun to come back as see some guys I literally hadn’t skated with in 20 years, but also to skate with a lot of the young new guys that I had only heard about. That’s what made me more psyched than anything, that there is this passionate, super talented new breed on the East Coast to keep the fire lit for the type of skateboarding that we love so much” Neal Hendrix


Scott Tupper taking a chicken wing break. His dog Seven was extremely focused. Trish Adams & Brittney Kulp share a laugh.

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DK Invert


We had some generous sponsors. Both S-ONE & Boneless Pads stepped up to provide some lucky MAP attendees with some free gear.


Wyatt Wisenbaker

Every year Wyatt Wisenbaker, gets better and better. Airs, grinds, foot plants, inverts this kid as it all.


Andrew Mihalko hung out all week long with the Creature Team.





“Keep it Backyard” – Navs

Jeromy Greene Photo Rowe

Jeromy Greene
Photo Rowe

let ther be inverts

There were inverts at Mikeapalooza!

The final Hour of MAP was the hottest! Here it is

map 2015 flyer
MAP5 (30 of 31)

Builder Mike Mapp received a gold painted Dewalt rip saw for all his hard work on the Phishlips ramp.

rex pics (1 of 4)

Team Vert Skateboarding at the Nerd Tent. Rowe, Rex, Dan & Scott. We shot shot pics/vid and ran a live web feed all day.

Words by Rex Singleton

Images: Rowe, Dan Sparagna, Rex

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