Kunstform Bank Jam


Kunstform Bank Jam BMX video 2019

It’s always rad seeing big street jams like this turn out so good. Kunstform and Kevin Nikulski threw the bank jam in Berlin and it was a full day of riding from a super rad looking bank spot to some rails on the sidewalk at night. Based on the footage it looks like everyone had a good time, even the random people who stopped by to take it all in were stoked!

Kunstform and their team rider and Berlin resident, Kevin Nikulski decided to throw a slightly different jam, first at the old Tempelhofer airport and then in front of a Petrol Station. The zimmer frame grind was hilarious!” – DIG

We had a subrosa street rail and also we “rent” a Jerseybarrier from a construction area where we hold a Beer Cash for Tricks Session. It was a lot of fun.” – Kunstform

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