Jacob Miller – Still Alive

Jacob Miller – Still Alive

It’s always pretty crazy how a BMX video could surface, and if the story wasn’t included, you would have absolutely no idea what was really going on. It’s been quite a while since Jacob Miller hit us with a link to a BMX video, and today we received a new one with one hell of a story. Other than riding, he dealt with a broken ankle, oh, and being paralyzed for about two weeks. What? Yeah… Hit play and check out the video, then read his story below! Gillian Barre disease is no joke.

I have been filming for this video for two years the reason being and how it reflects the title “Still Alive”, is because I had major set-backs for an entire year and was unable to ride. I started filming this video in 2014 and was planning to drop it spring of 2015, but obviously that didn’t happen. Starting off in 2015 I broke my ankle early on in the year. Two weeks after being released to ride my bike after healing from my ankle I was right back in the hospital, this time, it was way worse. I was diagnosed with pneumonia in both of my lungs, suffered from a collapsed lung and was diagnosed with Gillian Barre which left me temporarily paralyzed throughout my whole body. I was flown from my local hospital to a hospital in Baltimore where I would spend the next two weeks in the ICU laying there like a vegetable only being able to communicate through blinking my eyes once for yes and twice for no, as well as, undergoing dialysis treatments. The doctors told me that with the syndrome I was diagnosed with that it could take me a few months or even years to recover but thanks to my young age and determination to not be a vegetable forever I was released from the hospital after two and a half weeks. I was working very hard to recover the best I could and by the end of 2015 I was able to ride my bike again. It wasn’t until early this year 2016 that I was able to actually ride my BMX hard and dial everything back in. I am happy with the outcome of this video and have already started stacking clips for my next project. I am so happy and thankful to be back to riding my BMX bike. It’s amazing how determination and a positive attitude can go a long way.

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Special appearance by Joey Richards in doubles clip.

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Jacob Miller

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