Ian Crane, Hiroto Ohhara Win Hurley Pro Lowers Wildcards

Ian Crane, Hiroto Ohhara Win Hurley Pro Lowers Wildcards

All Photos: Benjamin Ginsberg

What constitutes a good day? Is it an overall feeling of happiness spanning a 24 hour period? Or a special event? Or the achievement of a goal? How about you bundle em all together and, literally, call it a day? That’s what Ian Crane did yesterday. He won the Hurley Pro trials in front of his friends and family in San Clemente, earning both a spot in the WCT event at Lowers and a free trip to Indo for two. A certified good day.

The trials were set up in an interesting way — the field was split into two. Held at T-Street, one side consisted of the kind people of San Clemente and the other side was filled with Hurley surfers. Crane won the SC side, Hiroto Ohhara won the other, both of them won a spot in the main event. But out of the kindness of their hearts/wallets, Hurley was also offering the aforementioned Indo trip. Ian and Hiroto surfed a heat for that; Ian won. Maybe he’ll take Hiroto on the trip?

Nah. In a text conversation, Crane told us that he’ll likely take either his dad or his uncle. This is what else he had to say.

Would you rather surf against Adriano or Mick in the first round?
It’d be sick to surf a heat against Mick — he’s one of my favorite surfers. Adriano would be cool though too.

Would you be psyched or bummed if you came up against Kolohe?
I’d be psyched! Who wouldn’t want to surf Lowers with nobody out but one of your best friends?

Perfect peak. You’ve got priority. You going right or left?
My mind is telling me right. But my body, my body is telling me left!

You think the WSL forgave you yet?
I hope so. I forgot about the incident already, I hope they did too.

What round warrants an after party?
Haha, any heat I advance from! I’m not expecting too much. Hopefully I just surf well and if I win a heat I’d be stoked. And hopefully Kolohe wins the whole thing. Then there would definitely be an after party…

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