How to Live the Surfer Life This Summer



The life of a surfer may seem strange to some, as they dedicate most of their free time to riding waves when they can. Surfing to some is more than just a sport – it is a way of life – so if you’re looking to live the surfer life this summer, here is a guide to help.


All surfers need the right equipment so they can ride waves. You will need a wetsuit and obviously a surf board. There are all sorts of wetsuits out there in different styles for all ages, appropriate for winter and summer surfing, and there are plenty of surf boards to choose from as well. If you have never surfed before, then look to invest in a beginners surfboard. You have a few options, with both soft and hard-top surfboards available. The downside to a soft board is that you are restricted when it comes to progression, as they are designed to catch waves, whereas hard boards can help you learn to turn the board. No matter which type you end up choosing, you will need to find the correct board for your size and weight – time to measure up.

Fear is Normal

When it comes to something new, it will always be scary, as the unknown is scary. Whether you have never surfed before or have been surfing for years, surfers of all skill levels on a regular basis will be wiped out by the ocean. Due to the powerful and unpredictable force of nature, surfing will always be a struggle. All the struggles and uncertainties that come with surfing shouldn’t put you off, as it can be incredibly rewarding and fun.

Environmentally Aware

Most surfers consider themselves environmentalists, and with good reason too. They spend as much of their time they can in the water, so they see the negative impact humans have on the ocean. If you are looking to live the surfer lifestyle this summer, start to think about recycling and reducing your carbon footprint. Many pro surfers use their fame to do good by helping to clean up waters. Surfing isn’t just a sport – it is a way of life. Just ask the three surfers from Malibu who founded the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organisation that works to protect and preserve oceans and beaches.

Practice Makes Perfect

Surfing is a sport that requires more than just skill. It is something that you have to practice at. When you start surfing, try not to get too frustrated if you keep getting wiped out, as all surfers of all levels still do. As well as having to continue to practice, you will have to be patient and be able to read the waves. Unless you are lined up in the direction of the wav, it will either pass underneath you or come crashing down on you. But once you are able to stand up and ride alongside a wave, you will feel like a true surfer.

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