Haro – 40th Anniversary Freestyler

Haro – 40th Anniversary Freestyler
Haro BMX Freestyler 40th Anniversary

Haro is celebrating the 40th anniversary with a new Lineage Master Freestyler. Here’s a quick video they put together giving us a look at the bike with John Buultjens and Bob Haro giving the run through with all the details. This was a live stream, so the video isn’t quite perfect, but it does give you a look at this amazing looking bike! These are limited edition and will be available at the end of the year!

Celebrating 40 Years of Freestyle Radness is the Bob Haro Lineage Master Freestyler. Only 400 to be made! Bob’s first bike that revolutionized the sport of Freestyle BMX – The Haro Master has become one of the most iconic bikes in BMX history today.

Modern components and manufacturing processes make this remastered version of Bob’s original bike a must have for Haro and freestyle aficionados.

Estimated release date is 12/22” – Haro

Haro – 40th Anniversary Freestyler BMX UNION.