Happy New Years Noreaster Alert


Happy New Year’s! We hope everyone closed out the holiday season with a bang and a cutback or two! It has been a great year of surf overall, a bit of a slow hurricane season, but the “Sumter” season looks to finally be coming to a close as our regularly scheduled winter weather pattern will set in. We’ve had a great run of recent weather and surf. As we mellow out into the weekend and get mentally prepared to get back to work or school, we’ll have some little windswell waves to mess around with until a big Nor’easter approaches on Tuesday. Winter Storm Goliath has kicked winter into full gear, and has left a wake of devastation across many parts of the Midwest with major flooding. El Nino’s winter could be interesting!


All good things do come to an end at some point, and most weather models are indicating that this whacky El Nino year that was in 2015 will carry into the early spring 2016 with more anomalies to come. The first half of January is predicted to be fairly mild here in the Eastern States, and pretty rocky in the Rockies. Towards the end of the month and into February, this looks to flip flop, bringing us some pretty cool blasts of winter weather systems. All is for not though, because our coast sets up well for winter swells, and as always, all models are mere predictions put together by various historical algorithms and deviations of multiple weather patterns throughout history.

Better late than never to get out for a last gas of Holiday sales this weekend to score a deal on a new wettie, or maybe even some lycra layers, boots, hoods and gloves. Once our winter snaps do officially hit and there is surf, the local shops will get wiped out quickly! Enjoy the rest of your last few holiday(s), and get ready for some sizable, yet cooler, surf on the way to kick off 2016!


SURF: 1-3ft
WIND: NNW winds 5-10 all day


SURF: 1-3ft
WIND: NW winds 10+ most of the day turning N 10-15 in PM


SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: NNW winds 5-10 all day


SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: WNW winds 10-15 all day

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