Hamboards to be Featured on ABC TV Show


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Hamboards to be Featured on ABC TV Show

Huntington Beach, CA, – ​​​Southern California entrepreneurial and highly recognized surf family, the Hamborgs, who specialize in the handcrafted longboard skateboards, street standup paddle boards and land paddles company Hamboards will be featured on ABC’s Beyond the Tank 10/9c April 19th, 2016.

Hamboards set out to do what skateboards could never do – bring the true feel of surfing to land, and developed a worldwide cult following from its unique place in the market with thousands of fans around the world posting their own videos. This landed Pete Hamborg, Gus Hamborg and east coast cousin Don Sandusky on ABC’s Shark Tank in October 2013 in which Robert Herjavec made a deal to pay $300,000 for 30% of the company. Since then, Hamboards transformed from a start-up into a growth business. The company secured a viable and competitive mass production supply chain in a way that allowed them to simultaneously expand their product line while lowering costs and improving profit margins and quality standards.

The company recently developed new distribution relationships in the US, Europe and Asia and has its first order major USA sports equipment retailer. Annual revenues have grown significantly and their gross margin is highly competitive for a growth company in such a crowded sector. As company co-owner and manager Don Sandusky explained “Our product is unique, our quality is first-class, our authentic brand is totally dialed-in, and we’ve invested the blood sweat and tears to derive a growth business that’s built to scale fast… I love our odds from here.” The Huntington Beach company has struggled to keep ahead of the explosive demand around the world including celebrities around the world.

Being on Shark Tank has been incredible for general brand awareness, but the company’s unique products and their authentic So. Cal. beach vibe has brought most of the unexpected opportunities. Hamboards has significant product placements in several current television shows and in a new feature film starring Bruce Willis. Collaborations with major outdoor lifestyle brands have been a bonus too. Sales Manager Jake Soll said, “We felt like rock stars at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail. The guys from Burton, and GoPro were flipping out about how much the boards feel like carving. They stole our boards for their own display booths. Subaru bought lots of co-branded Hamboards to help it sell Outback’s like Volkswagen used Trek Bikes to sell Jetta’s.” Across the globe, communities of Surf and Standup Paddle enthusiasts have embraced Hamboards promise to “unleash the beach”. A High school teacher in Northern Michigan started a program called Gone Boarding with primary brand sponsors Burton and Hamboards to encourage kids to stay interested in school by using Burton and Hamboards components to build their own boards in shop class; and Gone Boarding has been so successful it’s already under review to expand to dozens more schools. A small beachside Stand up Paddling school in Valencia Spain launched a Hamboarding school which is already so popular it’s been recognized by the Spanish government with talks underway to expand the Hamboarding School to several public school districts as a new and fun fitness activity.

The Hamborg family comes from a long line of surfers but as company founder Pete Hamborg explained “While the lucky 10% of the population live near a coastline, and fewer still near a surf-able beach, Hamboards brings the surfing experience to the remaining world population. No crowded beach, no weather report, no long drives, no difficult parking, no waiting for summer vacation or, time of day. We can now surf – anywhere, anytime. Hamboards has unleashed the beach.”

The Beyond the Tank segment includes Robert Herjavec meeting with Hamboards in Huntington Beach to discuss different areas of the company to see what they can grow and improve, and also goes behind the scenes where Pete talks about what really it takes to hand craft the world’s best longboards, Robert Herjavec twists Donnie’s arm, and Gus’s life changes profoundly. Gus Hamborg who leads Hamboards creative excitedly explained “In celebration the Beyond The Tank, please visit Hamboard.com during the show for a very special Beyond The Tank offer. We have limited supplies, especially of the low serial number boards which is why we are telling our most beloved Hamboarders now.”

About Hamboards:

Established in 1997 by a father of five surfers, Hamboards set out to “crack the code” with its first inspired creations born in a small garage. Soon Hamboards was little more than a local shaper shop with an intense following. Now, Hamboards has evolved into an iconic brand with worldwide sales. Hamboards was created by people who live all kinds of board sports and have made it their life’s mission to share this feeling with the rest of the world in a way that traditional skateboarding never could. The company operates a direct to consumer website at www.hamboards.com

About Beyond the Tank:

Beyond the Tank is the companion series from the producers of the Emmy-winning reality series, Shark Tank. Each episode of Beyond the Tank features captivating and surprising outcomes, and examines the highs and lows after the Sharks strike a deal with the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank.

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