GT – Gustavo Balaloka “Can You Film This?” Section

GT – Gustavo Balaloka “Can You Film This?” Section
GT BMX Gustavo Balaloka Can You Film This Section

GT have uploaded Gustavo Balaloka’s “Can You Film This?” section!

GT keeping the sections from their “Can You Film This?” video that they released last summer online! Here’s a look at Gustavo Balaloka‘s section that is packed with wild trails and park riding you won’t want to miss. After you check this out, if you want to watch the full video with all of the sections you can check that out RIGHT HERE!

With effortless style and tricks for days, Gustavo Balaloka’s riding is always easy on the eyes. His section from Can You Film This? exemplifies why this Brazilian native is one of the greatest riders in South America.

CYFT highlights GT’s up and coming generation of riders. Initially a project to not let the typically bro-cam footage that was stacking up go to waste from those “Hey dude, Can You Film This?” moments. In time, the project gained momentum and evolved into a full-length we couldn’t be more proud of. After initially premiering CYFT on, we’re now releasing the individual sections here.” – GT

GT – Gustavo Balaloka “Can You Film This?” Section BMX UNION.