GoPro – Karma Drone

GoPro – Karma Drone


GoPro have released the details on their highly anticipated Karma drone that has been getting plenty of pre-hype and speculation over the past few months with leaks and other possible previews spotted in places like the The Secret Life of Pets Short Film Teaser that only added fuel to the fire, along with a number of teasers that we have also embedded below. Well, the wait is over! Today, GoPro had their premiere and gave everyone a look at the Karma drone everyone has been speculating on! Like their cameras in the past, they have created a quality, rugged and simplified product packed into a smaller setup with an affordable price, making it a great option for those of you looking to add flying drone angles to your videos. Sure, GoPro could have put out a drone that was bigger with a lot more features to compete with DJI and a number of other options, but that would leave a much larger, curious about drones but not willing to drop a couple thousand dollars but still want something quality, group of consumers that GoPro has done so well with in the past and a lot of potential sales from happening. GoPro have simplified the Drone to make it easy to use and understand and gave it plenty of features to create some amazing shots. We’re glad they chose this route for the Karma drone. The GoPro Karma will be available as a kit for $799 including the backpack case, controller and handle and is compatible with the Hero4 and Hero5. There’s also a bundle that includes the new Session camera for $999 and one with the GoPro Hero 5 Black priced at $1,999. Release date is OCTOBER 23rd!

Get the full specs and details below!



The Karma is compatible with GoPro Hero 4 and the new GoPro Hero 5 cameras.

GoPro Karma Specs

Maximum Speed 35 mph (15 m/s)
Maximum Distance 3280ft (1000m)
Maximum Flight Altitude 14,500ft (4,500m)
Maximum Wind Resistance 22mph (10m/s)
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz
Dimensions (Opened/No Propellers) Length: 12in (303mm)
Width: 16.2in (411mm)
Height: 4.6in (117mm)
Dimensions (Folded/Transport) Length: 14.4in (365.2mm)
Width: 8.8in (224.3mm)
Height: 3.5in (89.9mm)
Propeller Length 10in (25.4cm)
Weight 35.5oz (1006g)

GoPro Karma Stabilizer Specs

Range of motion -90° to 0° (down/up)
Camera Compatibility HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4 Black/Silver
Weight 8oz (230g)
Number of Axes 3



GoPro Karma Controller Specs

Screen Size 5in (12.7cm)
Screen Resolution 720p
Screen Brightness 900 nits
Battery Life 4 hours
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz
Weight 22oz (625g)

GoPro Karma Battery Specs

Length: 8in (201.3mm)
Width: 3.6in (91.62mm)
Height: 1.75in (42.7mm)
Weight 19.3oz (545g)
Flight Time Up to 20 minutes
Rating 14.8V 5100mAH (75.4Wh)
Battery Type Li-Po

GoPro Karma Charger Specs

Rating 16.8V 5A
Charging Time for Karma Battery 1 hour
Charging Time for Karma Controller 2.5 hours
Charging Time for Karma Grip 2 hour


GoPro Karma Handle Specs

Length: 8in (205mm)
Width: 1.7in (43mm)
Height: 1.7in (43mm)
Battery Life 1.75 hours
Weight 8.62oz (244.6g)



GoPro Karma Backpack Specs

Length: 21.3in (540mm)
Width: 12.6in (320mm)
Height: 5.9in (150mm)

Where to Buy a Karma Drone?

As expected, the Karma Drone is will be available OCTOBER 23rd through GoPro retailers worldwide and online like AMAZON along with direct from the GoPro website.

Test Footage and Previews GoPro released with Karma Drone

A video GoPro released that gave us a brief look at the Karma drone on September 15th leading up to todays release.

Bobby Brown and friends get a chance to test out Karma, the new GoPro drone, at Aspen Snowmass.

Proper clearance and permits were obtained before shooting at Aspen Snowmass and stunt was preformed on a closed course. ”

You can learn more about the Karma Drone on the GoPro Website


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