Fundamentals Part 1: Max Gaertig



We’ve been designing and producing BMX frames for a long time now. We made our very first BMX frame in 1998, at a time before some of the team was even born. Ever since then, day by day, we have been slowly perfecting the art into something really special. Our latest offering of aftermarket frames is a combination of over 18 years of research and development and intensive testing by some of the heaviest hitters in the game.

Today we start a new feature looking just how far our products have come, and why our riders have so much trust in the bikes they ride. Max Gaertig has been riding the hell out of our bikes longer than anyone else on the team, and when a man who has no hesitation to throw himself off 15ft roof drops or grind down 20 stair handrails at a moments notice tells you he has never broken one of your frames, you know you’re doing something right.

Photos by Ben McPherson.

Tell us a little bit about the frames you like to ride and why?

Well, I have been riding WTP since 2003. My first one was a Primate (Dave Osato signature frame), on which I learnt steady whips. So many more frames I rode in all possible colors (even woodgrain, haha). Omen, Tobias Wicke´s frame, Ovoid, Mono, Phoenix, Millar Light, Sterling, CREAM (which I have right now) and finally the best one of them all – Warriors. None of them ever broke down on me, ever.


That has always been the most important aspect of a frame for me, of course geometry plays the biggest role in how a frame feels, therefore how all the tricks feel and ultimately is a big part of how much fun it is to ride a certain bike. With many of these awesome years on the warriors, I have to say I got used to its geometry, which is a good thing because it fits my riding perfectly. The next thing to a Warriors is a CREAM, so that´s what I am riding today…


“I’ve never broken a Wethepeople frame yet”

The Warriors 21.3“ was the perfect frame for me. As a matter of fact I am trying to find people at the moment who still have this frame so that one day I might throw some whips on one again. Long top tube is important, at least 21.2“. Geometry of the frame you are riding determines how a bike feels to a rider and thus how much fun a rider has on a bike. So, I would say, yes, it is very relevant.


“If I ride off a roof or grind a long rail, I need to know I am riding a strong frame for my own peace of mind”

I’ve never broken a Wethepeople frame yet. I snapped cranks, wheels, forks, pedals, seats, even bars I managed to bend (except MadMax bars, of course!), but never a frame. It´s a big mind-safety net issue in my opinion, if I ride off a roof or grind a long rail, I need to know I am riding a strong frame for my peace of mind (and, of course, because I don´t want to change frames all the time).


We’ve been progressing our geometry with progression of todays riders and riding, is that something you noticed over time? 

I think a lot of people don´t realize that WTP has had such a long and extensive history of constructing and designing (street) frames. I would personally say that I would rather have a frame that was designed by people who have a lot of experience with doing that than from, for example, getting it from a company that has only existed for a short period of time.


“I don’t think a lot of people realise that wethepeople has had such a long and extensive history of constructing and designing street frames”

There have been so many street riders testing WTP frames in the last 10-20 years and so many improvements from the design team’s side that the sturdiness and high quality of the frames is practically guaranteed.

CARD_5-19 (1)

ALL Wethepeople frames are tested to destruction by our PRO team over the period of a year and are always fully backed up by our famous Lifetime Guarantee.

Check out the full range of 2015 frames HERE.

Look out for another instalment of Fundamentals next week.