1. You’re from Paradise California. How would you best describe Paradise and where exactly is it?

Paradise is a small mountain town that has a lot to offer. If you aren’t afraid of the outdoors and nature you can have a lot of fun in Paradise. Paradise is about two hours north of Sacramento CA, or just up the hill into the mountains from Chico CA.

2. What age were you when you first stepped on a wake surf? And how did you get introduced to the sport?

I’m not quite sure how old I was, but I think somewhere around age 9. My aunt and uncle had bought a Centurion Enzo that was set up for wake surfing. My Aunt Holly later got me up on a surfboard for the first time.

3. Living a good distance from the Pacific Ocean do you get out to the beach much to surf in the ocean? How far is Eureka from Paradise?

To be quite honest, I don’t have a huge interest in the ocean. However, I would love to try ocean surfing, being I have never had a chance. Eureka is 5 hours North West from me.

4. You have a pretty big air game. Is that something that came natural or did you work on airs a fair bit?

That is something that came pretty natural to me, but did require a lot of work. I learned how to do an air pretty quickly and was always determined to jump higher and higher.


5. When did you get noticed and start picking up sponsors such as Soulcraft and Supreme?

I started getting noticed quickly after my first year in the Endless Wave Tour. After winning the championship in my first year, Squids Wake (connected with Soulcraft and Jeff) reached out to me and we began talking from there. Next thing I knew I had a custom Soulcraft in my hands and I was in love.
In 2015 our great buddy Lysle Spangler who worked for a Centurion dealership in Rancho Cordova gave us a call with some crazy news. He knew that we had been in the market for Supremes and had just found out that he was now selling them. Soon enough we had our 2015 S226 and all the contacts with people from Fine Line, and not long after that I signed my first boat contract ever.

6. Surf style or skim? Why?

I prefer surf because the style of tricks that are involved always intrigued me quite a bit. I remember sitting in class in middle school looking at pictures of my wake surf idol, RJ Garcia, and dreaming to be as good as him. I ended up becoming really good friends with him, and one of his competitors. I was so stoked and in shockwhen I had finally beat the guy in a competition. My body was filled with joy. I blame him for getting me hooked on surf style. I always wanted to be like him

7. Do you have a home lake or somewhere that brings good vibes when you surf?

Lake Oroville is my home. Has been for all of my life.

8. Are there any up and comers from Paradise or your home lake?

Absolutely! We have Kyle and Korinn Woodard, Derek and Megan Miller, Rob and Janelle Harrington, Dave and Buffy Rusch, Erika and Allison Sos, and last but not least, Mike Clement.

9. What are your plans for 2016?

I plan to be doing something revolved around boats or water for the main part of my time. Selling boats for Mello Marine and also coaching wake surfing and wakeboarding. I also plan to travel around to compete. When I’m not on the water I will be camping, playing in the mountains above my house or spending time with my family and new nephew.

10. Paint us a picture of your perfect day on the water.

A perfect day on the water would be sleeping in until around 10 in the morning, then hopping in the truck to go get a bucket of chicken or pizza for the lake. Then arrive at the lake to meet up with my amazing surf family, to shred for the rest of the day and evening.


This article, ENDLESS WAVE HUNTER CLEMENT, first appeared on Alliance Wakeboard.