DMA Course Profile: The Worlds Best Surfing & Filmmaking Camp


Sure, summer’s over – but there’s always next year. What if you could spend part of next summer doing two cool things at once? Like surfing and making movies? At DMA, we have a camp for that!

Next summer, all roads lead to UC San Diego, to DMA’s Surfing & Filmmaking camp! Join us!

It’s Digital Media Academy’s Surfing & Filmmaking tech camp, held in sunny San Diego, Calif. on the very same La Jolla beach name-checked by the Beach Boys in the classic surf anthem “Surfin’ U.S.A.”

At this camp, you’ll spend part of your day in the editing suite and part of it in…well, the Pacific Ocean. Guided by surf instructors as well as expert filmmakers, you’ll truly enjoy the best of both (very fun) worlds.

What’s that? You didn’t know surfing and filmmaking went together? Well, how do you think surfing became so popular?


Surfing was invented in Hawaii and practiced by bored American GIs stationed there. When they came home after WWII, they immediately hit the West Coast surf. California would become the center of the surfing world.

Surfing remained a regional curiosity until a 1957 best-seller was turned into a movie. It was the true story of a single father’s teenage daughter, who had a daredevil streak despite her tiny size. She started hanging with local surfers in Malibu, who nicknamed her with a mashup of “girl” and “midget.”


When Gidget hit screens in 1959, word was suddenly out about the surfing paradise. Tiny Malibu (just outside L.A.) became a magnet for young people all over the country who wanted to surf or just be around the energy of the surf phenomenon.

And movies kept adding fuel to the fire. The first true surfing movies were documentaries, with a cameraman trailing local surf talent. Endless Summer is the acknowledged classic among these films, which were followed by silly surf movies of the 1960s (e.g., Beach Blanket Bingo).

How’d you like to spend next summer here? The Pacific Ocean is calling…

Now when you see surfing in movies, they’re usually not riding the 4-foot wave that made Malibu famous. Today’s surfing movie is more often about big-wave surfing, where riders typically battle waves that might be two stories tall. (Like 2012’s Chasing Mavericks.)


Big-wave riding is awesome, but it carries serious risks. At DMA’s surfing and filmmaking camps, we present surfing in a safer and more controlled environment, with constant and highly qualified instruction that knows how to keep you safe while surfing.

Our people know what they’re doing. Not only are they all CPR-certified, but they are also trained in additional life-saving techniques. And they know how to connect with kids and teens, so you can enjoy the best summer camp experience of your life.

And that’s just part of the story. Because while you’re discovering the joy of surfing, you’re also picking up essential filmmaking skills, which you use during afternoon sessions to shape your raw surfing footage into cool action sports film. You use the latest cameras to become a practiced action filmmaker, and when you reluctantly return home, you have a short surfing film you can show off to friends and family.

Interested in surfing and filmmaking? DMA can put you in the picture…


Find out more about DMA’s supercool Surfing & Filmmaking surfing camps and see if you’ve got what it takes to become the next great action sports filmmaker! DMA can show you how.

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