Disco Stew – Raw Stew: Barstewlona

Disco Stew – Raw Stew: Barstewlona

Disco Stew Barstewlona BMX video

The other week we got a look at the Barstewlona video from the Disco Stew crew. Now we get a look at 45 minutes of raw footage they had leftover from the trip to Barcelona! This is filled with b-roll, second angles, crashes, bails and a bunch of good times they had! If you have the time to spare, this is well worth a look!

All the raw bails, makes, left-overs, attempts, shenanigans and more from our Barstewlona video.

Watch the Full Barstewlona Video HERE:

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DISCO STEW IS: Broc Raiford, Josh Clemens, Sean Seiling, Taylor Seiling, Nick Krauer and Brady Tweedy.”

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