Dan’s Comp – Joe Battaglia “Strada Suburbana”

Dan’s Comp – Joe Battaglia “Strada Suburbana”
Dan's Comp Joe Battaglia Strada Sububrana

Joe Battaglia goes to work on the streets!

Joe Battaglia might be known for being an absolute machine on ramps, but the guy can throw down just as hard in the streets. Here’s his new one for Dan’s Comp packed with wild moves from street spots galore. Fast spins, big drops, plenty of magic with the brakes and more to see in this one. Get on that play button because this is a real good watch.

Joe “Shredder” Battaglia is best known for his tech ramp skills and crazy spins, but the man get down on some street! For his latest Dan’s Comp video Joe set out to film an all street edit with his own unique style. Rain and snow won’t stop Joe.
Strada Suburbana – Suburban Street.

Song – Crone Visions: Hex
Filming – Friends & Fam
Edited – Michael Barrow” – Dan’s Comp

Dan’s Comp – Joe Battaglia “Strada Suburbana” BMX UNION.