Dan’s Comp “Halloween Shreds”

Dan's Comp Halloween Shreds BMX

Halloween is a little over a week away and Dan’s Comp is ready to get you into the spirit with this new “Halloween Shreds” mini movie for your viewing pleasure! This isn’t your typical BMX video and it’s a good watch for sure!

The notorious masked killer returns, but has he changed his ways?? The Boogeyman of BMX is here.

Special thank you to everyone who made this video possible. Whether it was playing a character, helping record, or just making sure everyone was in frame, you guys are the real MVPs:
Steve Justis
Derek Embry
Jacob Culligan and his boys (@Twin Thrillz)
Jason Culligan
Corey Haury
Houston Gibson
Nyemma & Labree”

Dan’s Comp “Halloween Shreds” BMX UNION.