Dan Kruk Winter 2019 Video Bike Check


Dan Kruk Video Bike Check BMX

Curious what Dan Kruk is running for a setup these days? Here’s a look at his fresh Wethepeople signature Network setup decked out with WTP and Madera parts top to bottom. Hit play to let Dan go real in-depth with the bike details, explaining just why he runs what he runs on his bike!

Looking to get your grind to hard 540s dialed? Well, this is the bike that does ’em. Peep Dan Kruk’s signature WeThePeople Network frame (available very soon) built up with WTP and Madera parts.” – Our BMX

Frame: Wethepeople Network, 20.8” TT
Fork: Wethepeople Battleship
Bars: Wethepeople Stallis
Grips: Wethepeople Remote
Stem: Wethepeople Gooseneck
Headset: Wethepeople Compact
Seat: Wethepeople
Post: Wethepeople
Cranks: Wethepeople Logic, 160mm
Sprocket: Madera Seel’d
Pedals: Wethepeople Logic
Chain: Eclat
Front Wheel: Wethepeople Logic rim, Madera Pilot hub
Rear Wheel: Wethepeople Logic rim, Wethepeople Helix v3 hub
Tires: Wethepeople Feelin’ 2.25”
Pegs: Wethepeople Dill Pickle
Guards: Madera C4 / Wethepeople Helix

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