Brock Olive For Lux BMX

Brock Olive For Lux BMX

Lux BMX coming through with a fresh batch of Brock Olive footage for you to check out. This short but sweet cut is actually clips that won’t be going into a full-length video that Troy Charlesworth is cooking up. These clips are all real solid, so we can only imagine what Brock pulled off for the actual video. Hit play and take a look!

Troy Charlesworth has been working on a full length video for the past 2 years and he is getting to the pointy end.
Thankfully for our viewers LUXBMX recently poached Bigs from his former employment and bought him to be a full time media man.
He has put together a bunch of epic Brock Olive clips that won’t be making the final cut!
” – Lux BMX

Brock Olive For Lux BMX BMX UNION.