Brandon Walley – Sentenced To Knife

Brandon Walley – Sentenced To Knife

Brandon Walley Sentenced to Knife BMX video

When Montana Ricky tips you off to a video, you know it’s going to be a video filled with creative and unique riding. We aren’t too familiar with Brandon Walley, but after checking out this video we’re definitely fans. This has a ton of creative and unique clips that definitely leave you guessing what’s coming next from start to finish. If you want something that isn’t what you constantly see all day, this is for you! Check it!

When I tore my acl about 3 years I started collecting clips for an edit leading up to the surgery I finally got last month. These are those clips. Filmed in Mississippi and some in Houston. Thanks for everyone that helped film! My tricks don’t come easy so thanks for sticking it out. I hope you can enjoy a 5 min edit in 2019 haha.

Song: Afroman- Mississippi
IG: htxpedalphile” – Brandon Walley

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