Bielefeld City Jam 2016

Bielefeld City Jam 2016

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Freedom BMX coming through with a mix of footage from this years Bielefeld City Jam over in Germany! This contest was a big one with park, street and vert contests going down! Above is a highlight reel of footage giving you a look at everything from the AM’s to the Pro’s throwing down!

The Bielefeld City Jam to the absolute required courses in the German Contest Calendar. It was also in this year again and then Fahrer_innen from all over Germany had gathered in Kesselbrink bike and skate park to go in the disciplines Park, Street and Vert at the start. We have fallen on Germany’s largest inner-city Skates investment into the fray to capture the best tricks of the weekend. Here is the result. Have fun with it!
Thanks to Benni Kopp, who not only organized a great contest, has a 540 palmed on Vert and organizes the world’s top Klowagen, but also has brought as a DJ on Saturday night the HipHop Floor at the official afterparty at Stereo for cooking. What a Thousand, oh what, what a Zweitausendsassa!

But Bennis Orgateam to be at this point not be forgotten. You’re great! Also wishes go out to Dennis Möller and Leon Binckebanck. Dennis was flown in from Freiburg with the remote bus and smashed to ten minutes after his arrival the kneecap. Ouch! Leon, however broke during Parkvorläufe at a Frontflipversuch from the rooftop tailbone. And as if that were not nice corrosive enough, he had on Sunday even the chauffeur play because he in his tour group has the only one driving license. We hope you have the ride unscathed!

Last, but not least, we wish the young man from the amateur class Park speedy recovery, which struck hard with a 360 over the box. But so bad it could not have been, because when he was carried on a stretcher lying by paramedics from the course, was a faster Dab for the audience there. Where’s the thumbs-up Emoji when you need it … ?!” – Freedom BMX

Song: Sci-Fi Caper – Sleeper

Best Rider – Moritz Nußbaumer
Best Trick – Leon Hoppe (Railride 180 Double Bar)
Best Line – Robin Heiderich

Pro Park:
1. Felix Prangenberg
2. Timo Schulze
3. Senad Grosic
4. Tobias Freigang
5. Adrian Warnken
6. Moritz Wolf
7. Kevin Liehn
8. Angelo Kurtz
9. Daniel Juchatz
10. Mike Würzinger
11. Rob Ferrett
12. Leon Hoppe (konnte am Finale nicht teilnehmen, da er sich im Training verletzt hat)

Pro Vert:
1. Coco Zurita
2. Benni Kopp
3. Daniel Juchatz
4. Markus Grempel
5. Tobias Freigang
Amateur Park:
1. Giano Vacca
2. Jan Bisanz
3. Lennox Zimmermann
4. Jason Pascher
5. Kai Schulte-Lippern
6. Simon Langer
7. Daniel Opdenplatz
8. Jan Lemke
9. Lara Lessmann
10. Axel Anghel
11. Max Maurer
12. Cédric Kindermann
13. Philipp Pstertag
14. Moritz Freise
15. Basti Kjell
16. Steve Kießling
Amateur Vert:
1. Jan Lemke
2. Axel Anghel
3. Lennox Zimmermann
4. Angelo Kurtz”

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