Benny Gonzales – Nonbikenary

Benny Gonzales BMX video

Here’s a rad one featuring Benny Gonzales going to work on spots galore from Wyoming to Colorado, Utah and Oregon! We weren’t familiar with Benny before this, but after watching we’re definitely a fan. Check out just over 3 minutes of an edit, then about 7 minutes of raw, behind the scenes footage with crashes, random footage, b-roll, second angles and more! After that check out more on Benny’s story below!

Really hyped to host this video from Benny Gonzales! They are a 21 year old trans/non-binary BMXer from Wyoming and recently moved to LBC, California. Aside from also being a skateboarder, snowboarder, and most recently getting into modelling, they spent the last few months traveling between Cheyenne, Denver, Salt Lake City and Portland filming this dope video. We’re stoked to see the LGBTQ+ community growing across action sports and DIG is proud to show our support to LGBTQ+ riders worldwide.​ Scroll down for some words from Benny and Corey Walsh. Enjoy!​” – DIG

The thing I love so much about BMX is the diversity amongst its community. Everyone is so different, and has their own way of expressing their creativity and personalities into their riding and its fucking sick! You can ride whatever you want, dress however you want, ride to whatever music you want. You can really do whatever you want on a bike if you put your mind to it. My goal for filming this video was to hopefully inspire others within the BMX community to be themselves and for them to have someone to resonate with, given the struggles of being Queer in action sports, or even inspire some LGBTQ+ kids outside the community to pick up a bike! We all love this the same. Im hyped to have met so many cool people through BMX, one of them being Corey, who really became my gay bestie in BMX haha! There is a queer community forming and we love to see it!” – Benny Gonzales

I feel like things within BMX are changing for the better so rapidly that we are finally able to experience more humans beings their full selves. Benny is a perfect example of this. Being their true self and not holding back. Showing others that they can do the same and not let society’s bullshit turn them into someone they’re not. There are no rules within riding. Only to paint the Canvas you want to put out there. Thank you Benny for being your true badass self!!!”​ – Corey Walsh

You can follow more from Benny on their instagram @Damnbenny

Filmed by Jake Petruchik & Jasper Jones / Additional filming by Corey Walsh, Luke Gallagher, Sammy Tedesco, Elijah Prieto, Bradley Monk, Reid Hendrix, Riley Hoppersted & Brent Williams”

Benny Gonzales – Nonbikenary BMX UNION.