2014 Best Vert Vids


2014 brought many professional well edited Vert/Bowl vids for our eyeballs. We saw the youngest XGames Gold medalist Jimmy Wilkins, take it all in Austin TX. Rob Sluggo backflipped in Vancouver, Matt Boyster dropped in on the 12′ vert wall at lake Cunningham park in San Jose & two Bones Brigade members turned 50. Tristan Rennie shocked everyone by taking 1st place at the Vans Pool Party. The http://theberrics.com/in-transition/ put out a very impressive video contest which had everyone voting. It seemed like every month another 10 year old kid was landing 540’s.  PLG & Sandro Dias became  dads. The following vids are not ranked in any order.

1. If you thought Neal Hendrix travels the world taking pictures, skating and emceeing the worlds best vert/bowl webcasts, you would be right. Neal is a pro of 20 years and this vid proves he still has it.

2. Vert Attack 8 in Bryggeriet, Malmö – March 15, 2014

3. Sync – Tony Hawk Doubles Video Part – May 1, 2014 Tony gets some street dudes on the U pipe & proves vert skateboarding can be a team sport.

Vans Pool party- May 19, 2014 1. Tristan Rennie 2. Joshua Rodriguez 3. Cory Juneau

4. Creature Vert Search Seattle Published on Apr 1, 2014
Vertical enthusiasts Darren Navarrette, Al Partanen, Sam Hitz, Peter Hewitt, Scizzors, Cory Juneau, Willis Kimbel, Chris Russell, Josh Borden, and Jimmy Wilkins visit William Stein and the Seattle crew.

5. Changing of the guard. Jun 5, 2014 A new kid with a huge smile and ollie 540’s, wins gold in Austin. Jimmy Wilkins gives a hilarious post win interview.

6. Alex Perelson’s “Snow Blind” part This dude is smooth as silk and his effortless style really pisses me off.

7. Bones Brigade members- Lance Mountain & Steve Cabellero both turned 50 this year. Good to see both are still skating at a high level and enjoying life.


9. Matt Boyster drops in on the 10′ vert wall in San Jose during Tim Brauch Memorial

10. Andy Mac put out a progressive part proving that he has no plans on retiring

11. Rune Gilberg got 2nd place for his In Transistion part.

12. Bob Burnquist got 3rd place for his In Transistion part.

13. History at Hastings. Just a couple of days after landing the first back flip to fakie at his home park, Rob Sluggo puts it down in a contest at44 years old

14. Bob Burnquist’s Floating Skate Ramp in Lake Tahoe Feb 27, 2014. Although this vid only features a mini ramp its pretty freaking cool.

15. Greenissue Crew


16. Our Dew Tour Experience in Ocean City Maryland. From contest to our wrap party attended by all the skaters.

17. Tony Hawk 2014 Video Part – Perched. “Transistion Innovation” is the only thing I can say. Tony will have you shaking your head on the ender- Front-foot Impossible Backside Grab